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Waste Handling Grapples


Cable Operated Orange Peel Waste Five Tine Grabs

Cable Operated Orange Peel Waste Five Tine Grabs


Efficient clean-up grapple with replaceable points to resist shock and wear
  • Set up for four-line service, or for your specific operation
  • Wedge-type rope connectors for easy rope connection.
  • Capacity from 1.0 yd. to 15.0 yd (0.76 to 3.29 m³)

Complete models and specifications here

Cable Operated Tine Type Incinerator Grabs

Cable Operated Tine Type Incinerator Grabs


Versatile bucket-style grapple will pick and hold maximum loads
  • Set up for two-line, three-line or four-line service.
  • 3-line capacity from 2.0 yd. to 6.0 yd (1.53 to 4.59 m³)
  • 4-line capacity from 4.0 yd. to 8.0 yd (3.06 to 6.12 m³)

Complete models and specifications here

Electro-Hydraulic Orange Peel Waste Grapple

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