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Car Grapples

For auto recyclers, Mack Manufacturing’s long established Car Grapples offer significant operational efficiencies over the rounded orange-peel grapples designed for more general use.

Handled with our two-tine, reverse-u Car Grapples, the flattened cars can be stacked easier, with more stability, and then picked up and placed collectively at one time. If loaded into rail cars or trucks, the cars can then be quickly and evenly pushed down into the box by the flat-top grapple if necessary.

Outfitted with our own time-tested, heavy-duty rotation system, the “Mack Tough” Car Grapples have a long history in the scrap and recycling industry. Built for last-lasting use, these dedicated-use grapples are fabricated with high-tensile, abrasion-resistant steel. Their large pins are heat-treated and stress-relieved, and the tines are manufactured from AR400 steel.

And, being about 300 lbs. lighter than comparable five-tine orange-peel grapples, the purpose-built Car Grapples allow less bulky, more economical carriers to be dedicated to the same lifting duties as larger machines. Or, if coupled to same-sized cranes, the lighter Car Grapples are able to lift heavier loads and still be within the carrier’s lifting envelope.

As with all Mack Manufacturing attachments, the Car Grapples are designed and made in the U.S.A. to meet the highest standards and most demanding applications.


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