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Log, Pipe and Pole Forks

For log and utility yards handling poles cut and sized specifically for telecommunications and other overhead lines, a standard log handling attachment on a wheel loader will just not do. Front-end loaders handling telephone poles require a hydraulic attachment that does not pick up and hold the poles in a bunch, but rather positions them side by side.

Mack Manufacturing’s customized Pole Forks are designed and built specifically for this particular application and need, incorporating straight tines that ease down and gently sit on top of the poles. This holds the poles firmly in place side by side in a single row across the two forks, as compared to the bunching of logs formed by the curved tines found on log grapples.

The same principle applies to our Log Forks and Pipe Forks, specifically designed for the challenges of handling rounded objects, particularly in the forestry, oil and gas, utility and general construction sectors. With these purpose-built attachments, the wheel loader is able to move multiple logs, steel pipes, telephone poles and other processed objects around the jobsite, loading and unloading where required, yet with substantially reduced risk of product damage.

That saves money.

For example, any damage suffered by the wooden telephone poles will usually deem them unusable and thus worthless to the utilities and contractors that require them. For yards that handle telephone and other conditioned poles, having a set of Pole Forks will reduce greatly the chance of material losses due to equipment mishandling of the load.

Our “Mack Tough” forks can be designed and built to accommodate all makes, models and size classes of front-end loaders, most commonly with tine widths ranging 72 to 96 inches.


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