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That’s how Mack Manufacturing makes sure every product we ship is up to the Mack standard. We hire the best people, and we give them the best tools to complete every step in the fabrication and machining of our products under one roof.

Mack was established through the hands-on work ethics of master welders. That commitment to craftsmanship continues today through our full staff of engineers, fitters, welders, machinists, hydraulic techs and assembly workers. Our CNC-equipped facility, with milling machines, lathes and plasma arc cutter, helps them to efficiently translate custom drawings into finished products with utmost precision.

All Mack grapples and buckets are fabricated with T1 steel, a heat-treated alloy with twice the structural strength of standard mild steel and able to withstand three times as much pressure before bending. AR400 plate is used in many structural areas that come in contact with the products being handled. By starting with superior material, Mack can manufacture stronger attachments with lighter material, achieving longer life and higher efficiency for our customers.

By manufacturing our own shafts, sheaves, hydraulic cylinders, manifolds and valve blocks to order, Mack ensures consistent strength and precision in all our key components, with no compromise.

Quality inspections are completed and documented at every stage of production, with a final inspection before delivery to ensure complete conformance to the customer’s expectations. Then Mack tracks each unit’s history throughout its life cycle in its ongoing record of production, field servicing and remanufacturing.

Mack’s “Open Door” shop philosophy keeps every team member in close contact with co-workers throughout our production, development and service departments. Communication and respect keep Mack performing as a single integrated unit with a common goal of excellence for the customer.

Wherever you see Mack people at work, you see them striving for just one simple standard:


Since 1942


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