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Self – Contained Low Profile Hydraulically Operated Log Grabs

Self-Contained Low Profile Hydraulically Operated Log Grabs

  • For use on all types of cranes and derricks.
  • May be furnished with or without hydraulic rotation.
  • Comes completely self-contained and ready for operation, or it can be furnished utilizing an independent hydraulic power source.
  • Mack engineered and tested heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders.
  • All components nationally known brands.
  • Modern weld design permits faster handling of wood at full capacity.
  • Pins and shafts are heat-treated steel of adequate size to prevent breakage and promote long service life.
  • Heat-treated alloy steel combines light weight with rugged strength.



Area when Tine
Points Are Meeting
Overall Height Points
Meeting (without conn.)
Tine Opening Weight Standard Model
(w/conn.) Not Self-Cont.
Weight Self. –
Cont. w/conn. & oil
Model No. ft meters ft/in meters ft/in meters lb. kg. lb. kg.
ILGSCHLPCR-50 50 4.64 14 ’7″ 4.445 16′ 7″ 5.0546 6′ 3″ 1.9 23750 10772
ILGSCHLPCR-60 60 5.57 15′ 5″ 4.699 18′ 0″ 5.4864 6′ 3″ 1.9 24750 11226
ILGSCHLPCR-70 70 6.5 16′ 3″ 4.953 19′ 4″ 5.8928 6′ 3″ 1.9 26560 12047
ILGSCHLPCR-80 80 7.43 17′ 2″ 5.2324 20′ 7″ 6.2738 6′ 11″ 2.1 29525 13392


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